RampXCoinSwap: A partnership that will define the DEX ecosystem

Press release. This is a sponsored post. 

CoinSwap Space: One of the leaders when it comes to decentralized exchanges and finance has recently announced its partnership with Ramp (https://ramp.network/). 

Who is Ramp

Ramp is a project that aims to build a decentralized, robust infrastructure to make crypto apps powerful and delightful. Their overall technology can unlock a future where everyone can exchange value as easily and as efficiently as using the Internet. 
They also strive to make buying cryptocurrency to a certain platform using fiat currency a reality for everyone, not just a handful of crypto-natives. 

And thru this, CoinSwap Space becomes a leader and ahead of its time when it comes to the decentralized finance and exchange arena. 

Coinswap partners with Ramp

Having the ability to buy Cryptocurrencies using fiat currency on the CSS Platform allows them to buy back & burn tokens, slows down inflation rates, or reduces the total circulating supply of coins. (Note: There is a 1% fee on top of the other fees, which will be used for burning.) 

What are the highlights? 
  1. Short KYC 
  2. Crypto purchase to Non-Custodial wallet 
  3. Higher purchase value lower the FEE 
  4. 1% fee used for buyback and burn CSS 
Availability: Ramp's now available in over 170 countries and territories, which includes EU ✓, US ✓, Australia ✓, Canada ✓, Russia, India (some disruptions) ✓, + Latin America. 

Payment Options: Credit Cards/Debit Cards, Sepa, Sepa instant, Apple Pay, Open-banking, Google Pay (soon), Samsung Pay (soon). Ramp fees: The market is the lowest - only 2.9% for card transactions! - are fully transparent - their fee, their partner’s fee, and network fees are visible to buyers, - incentivize bigger purchases - fees fall above 2.5k EUR, - are fair - they charge less for slower payment methods and more for the instant ones, - have no slippage - we try to keep the rates as close to mid-market rate as possible. 

Fees structure: Manual transfer transactions 0.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 0.49% per transactions greater than 2500 EUR (0.99% on 2500 EUR, then 0.49% on additional amount) Easy transfer transactions 1.99% per transactions up to 2500 EUR 1.49% for transactions greater than 2500 EUR (1.99% on 2500 EUR, then 1.49% on additional amount) Credit and debit card transactions 2.9% The minimum fee per transaction is 2.49 EUR. 

KYC verification and limits: The most up-to-date source for their KYC limits can be found on their website. According to Ramp, it is perfect to give you an idea, but note that it's not written in stone. It can change in an instant if they notice a large number of fraudulent transactions that fall just under their current limits. 

Binance Smart Chain native connection: Integrating Ramp will allow the users to directly buy BNB on BSC, saving users the necessity of going through the bridging process. It will critically improve long-term business model sustainability and user buying experience (more assets on request). 

So, if you are looking for a reliable DEX project that is safe and reliable, You cannot go wrong with CoinSwap Space! Start your investing journey with them today!   

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Lockdown Diaries during COVID-19 Pandemic


“Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine” Our Lockdown Diaries

What happened during your quarantine?   

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic (Created via mobile blogging)

Manila, March 2020 - Home quarantine took us by surprise, we never imagined it'd happen too soon. This Covid-19 crisis brought the economy down, people dying, unemployment rises, high demands for toilet papers from elite families while the poor’s main concern is how to feed their families on a daily basis. We are bracing ourselves from the impact and still fighting the war against it.

Lockdown Diaries during COVID-19 Pandemic
Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic

How to stop the spread of the virus?

The national government pronounced the Metro Manila “Community Quarantine” starting March 10-13, 2020 stating the cancellation of classes in all levels both public and public schools and the suspension of work in government offices.

By the second week of March, the outbreak rose significantly as day passed by. President Rodrigo Duterte took further steps to decide a lockdown for the entire Luzon as Enhanced Community Quarantine effective March 17 to April 12, 2020.

March 7, 2020: Given that there are cases of positive Covid-19 patients already. We headed to the author’s former university to pick up an important document. As a precautionary measure, we were wearing face masks and always had pocket alcohol available and immediately washed our hands once we arrived at our destination. We avoided crowded places like the malls, we didn’t even eat out and decided to go straight back home.

Lockdown Diaries during COVID-19 Pandemic
 Lockdown OOTD. March 7, 2020

March 9, 2020: Went to work with two pieces of face masks, one for commuting outside and one for use inside the office premises. Upon arrival at the office, I put my stuff in and immediately headed to the wash area to wash/disinfect the mask I used that morning. The following day, suspension of classes was announced, as well as work (in my case, the office was also suspended.)

March 11, 2020: With the Manila community quarantine in effect and work was suspended, we were able to attend a meeting with a client somewhere in Cubao. Same thing, we didn’t roam around the nearest mall, had a quick snack and bought some take out meals.

March 12, 2020: At this point, the learners will resume class on March 16. They were supposed to take their fourth quarter examination. We had to pick up the books, notes, folios from the school locker. That time the school had just finished disinfecting the entire vicinity. Same thing, wear protective gear and avoid crowds. It is quite alarming when you bring your kids with you outside.

March 14, 2020: Market day, we wore our outside shoes and minimized bringing unnecesary items. All we have are the list of things to buy for the week: stocks, eco bags and purses. As previously, we shared a blog about “Essential Things to do during Covid-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine” as somewhat prelude to things to remember when you’re out for errands. It’s quite helpful being able to know the step by step procedure of sanitizing yourself the minute you return home.

Essential Things to do During COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine
 What to do when going out?
Things to remember when you’re out for errands

March 16, 2020: After the 4-days suspension, we resume office while the management carry out a plan who’s to include in our organization’s skeletal workforce, those that are to work from home (WFH), the employees who agreed to have compressed work. That day, I already started my compressed work week until the news came in at 4:00 PM, it was the enhanced community quarantine. Declaring suspension of work and public mass transportation, controlled food distribution, checkpoints along the metro, etc.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
March 16, 2020

As soon as we read the afternoon news updates, we collected some of our personal belongings such as my notes, daily journals, USB, etc. Cleared our working desk, kept all junks inside the drawers, cleaned my tumblers, removed my cubicle’s electric cable and kept things organized as much as I could. I knew right then, we will isolate the place for a month. Though all of the important, pending, and heavy files are stored in the PC. Some are shared on cloud storage and online drives. We were all bound to work from home.

March 17, 2020: Day 1 - Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine is in full effect.

March 18, 2020: It’s a good thing that the grocery/mall was located near the village. We managed to have our grocery with full gear: eye glass/protective goggles, disposable food gloves, masks. After lunch, the social distancing measures were being implemented. By the time we’re finished, the ques were filled with shoppers.

 Take care of your immune system

March 19, 2020: We’ve managed to buy pet food for our aviary and dogs.

March 20, 2020: Wet market day, we decided to have one member of the family to do the shopping. We prefer to buy fresh meat/poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits from the wet market. The choices are abundant unlike in groceries, meats are frozen and almost grayish in color, chickens are frozen with too much water absorption. In other words these are rotten already. Please practice how to detect, scrutinize fresh from “bilasa.” After your market, sanitize your hands, arms, legs, shoes with soap and running water. Next is to sanitize the remaining money you have. Wash the coins and wipe your paper money with wet wipes/rags/towel with either bleach/disinfectant solution or alcohol. Then sanitize the surface of your palengke load. Lastly, sanitizing your gate by spraying it with bleach or disinfectant solution is better. Spray your flooring with the same solution from where you came in - from your house gate to your main door. Also, sanitize your door knobs, hand rails and mobile phones every now and then.

Take a bath and soak your clothes in a basin or just put them in a separate laundry basket where you can wash them after your food preparation.

Put your shopped goodies straight to your dirty kitchen so you can wash the food you bought with running water. Before Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been a practice in our home to wash the fruits with running water, some we scrub with rock salt, wash and dry them after. Practice washing thoroughly your eco bags, hang them to dry for re-use on your next palengke day.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Read books, watch your fave movies/series, and cook healthy and “pangmatagalan” meals

March 22, 2020: Home Quarantine Pass from our barangay was distributed.

March 25, 2020: Load up on fruits, too bad the vendors of “saging” (bananas) have gone goin’ bananas. Too much fake news thrives on misleading opportunities. Buy seasonal fruits instead.

March 30, 2020: It’s time to replenish the stocks, both from the grocery and wet market. Going outside seems getting scarier as the figures of positive cases increase. While the sari-sari stores were in town, some of these merchandise were a bit higher than most convenient stores. Given that the people have no choice, they tend to patronize canned goods over healthy meals. The psyche of seeing, having instant food can overcome a day’s survival. But when you think about it, you shell out almost the same amount as cooking food versus canned goods/instant noodles.

As for the work from home status, the area has been experiencing poor internet connection.

lockdown_diaries_covid_19_pandemic_1242 × 1396_04
Quarantined. March 30, 2020

April 1, 2020: Managed to do groceries by lunch time to avoid crowds. Some food stores like Jollibee and Rice in a Box were operational but for take-outs only. Some merch that I was supposed to buy was out of stock like yakult, graham biscuits, tomato paste, fresh milk, and some chocolate brands. The rest like toilet paper, sardines, gardenia bread, and instant noodles are very much abundant. Alcohols are strictly 2 bottles per shopper.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Day 16 of quarantine: A little bit of sunshine. April 1, 2020

April 2, 2020: Our village scheduled misting/disinfecting the roads and alleys. As reported by our Intel (gossiper) :) The main road (5J.P. Rizal St.) has one (1) reported Covid-19 positive and its family are under PUI (Person Under Investigation) and are now heavily guarded by Barangay and DOH staff.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Misting/disinfecting the village. April 2, 2020

April 4, 2020: For our list of #LockdownDiaries home-cooked meals. I’ve posted it on @foodamnphilippines Instagram. Still planning to create a blog post about it soon! And we think it’s high time to organize our stamps and old coins collection. I actually have the blog draft about the Philately event we attended last February 15 at Manila Post Office. Being in quarantine, there’s a lot that runs around your mind. Play with your pets, do the kitchen, do general cleaning, read books or watch the movie version of it! Of course the laundry and the cluttered bedroom in distress, and the office work need to be accomplished in compliance with work from home.

April 5, 2020: Planning what to eat next! Also, able to finish an article in compliance with work from home. The narrative is composed of the latest data of reference summation about "The Plight of Business Owners: What kind of help MSMEs need in the time of Covid-19 outbreak?"

What kind of help MSMEs need in the time of Covid-19 outbreak-02
What kind of help MSMEs need in the time of Covid-19 outbreak? can be access via www.issi.upd.edu.ph

April 6, 2020: Well, we came from the market to buy fresh foods good for (hopefully) two weeks. I came up with my foodamn blog: "What to eat during COVID-19 quarantine: Easy coronavirus self-quarantine recipes to cook at home." Proud to be productive, still we have a lot of cleaning to do, to think that the quarantine will be over soon!

What to eat during COVID-19 quarantine-01
What to eat during COVID-19 quarantine can be access via www.foodamn.com

April 7, 2020: Done with the hardware pick-up from the office as part of work from home arrangements. 
Today, the national government extends the Luzon-wide ECQ until April 30, 2020.

lockdown_diaries_covid_19_pandemic_1242 × 1396_03
hoto along Commonwealth Avenue/UP Diliman area. Taken April 7, 2020.

April 8 and 9, 2020: Given our EchoManila client's site a bit of a revamp, quite happy with the result.  The usual WFH is partly done. Finally done with narratives about Postal Heritage Talks and Tour by the Royal Postal Heritage Guided Tour. Come by and check it. Focus, focus, there's still a lot of things to do. Quarantine seems not enough, with a longer period of time to spend at home, time seems to fly fast. We got this checklist on our minds and once stuck with one chore, the day ends at it. Freelancer  life is not easy, plus the pending regular office work. And then here comes the kitchen war, what to cook the following day. Not that we are complaining, in fact, grateful that we have the resources to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. Our general cleaning schedule has been accomplished at 25%. It means "chill ka lang" . There's three more weeks left to get things done.

postal_heritage _talks_and_tour_1086 × 724_03
Postal Heritage Talks and Tour by the Royal Postal Heritage Guided Tour. February 15, 2020

April 10, 2020: We've gathered some impressive photos of Covid-19 or Quarantine global get-up/OOTD. Mostly from foreigners who posted them on social media from March to April 2020. View them at: STYLED: Quarantine OOTD / COVID-19 Getup [https://bit.ly/2XlD1ov]. 

April 12, 2020: After twelve (12) days, it's been decided that one of us should do the grocery. Got up early to reach the grocery by 7:30AM. Some stocks are replenished, those that were out of stock the last time I went were fully stacked. This time, there were a few juice packs left. Alcohol, canned sardines, and lysols are all gone and liquor ban in Quezon City is still being implemented. The outpour of the shoppers started by 9AM, by this time I'm done with my list. The cashier counters were enclosed with transparent plastic. There weren't many counters open,  the reason why the shopping carts lined up while practicing social distancing.

Day 27 of quarantine: Easter Sunday. April 12, 2020.

April 13, 2020: Work from home - drafted and submitted 5-page Work Outputs from 16 March to 10 April 2020. And at the same time continuing the policy draft: The State for Filipino Online Freelancers.

April 14, 2020: The quarantine journey is still a long way  to go, our community created a group to disseminate information within our Zone (village). Apparently, the zone has one (1) case of family with PUM (which was initially the death of a 91 year old female last Saturday, 11 April) due to heart attack, but since the person died from home. No one can identify yet if she died with Covid-19 symptoms.) The very reason why the residence is now being guarded by a staff from the barangay (LGU).  Also, we were told that the zone was to be given an allocation of 100 packs of relief goods. Since the  households of this zone have 140 as reported. Some homeowners waived their share. The priority right now is to give to those who are in dire need due to lockdown and the frontliners of the village such as the security guards, street sweepers, and the garbage collectors.

April 15, 2020:  The community is currently collecting data of the qualifiers for SAP to be submitted to DSWD.

Social Amelioration Program - form issuance monitoring

April 18, 2020: Day 33 of quarantine,  first time to receive relief goods from Quezon City Local Government Unit (QC LGU). Thanks to us, taxpayers.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Relief goods - 7 kilo NFA rice and 14 pieces canned goods

April 22, 2020: Day 38 - The last time we went to the flea market was last April 6, exactly two weeks ago. The trick is (as repeatedly recommended) to buy in bulk to avoid public exposure. List down your food items for two weeks. These days, food leftovers are a must, try to cook a serving size that will last for 2 to 3 days which you can store in the fridge (freezer particularly to avoid contamination) to reheat later. "mayaman ka man o may kaya o mahirap,lahat ng pamilya sa ngayon -- ginagawa yan. Walang dapat ikahiya."  As always, wash everything from your head to toe, every single thing you brought from home. From palengke goods, "sukli," eco bags, purses, masks, hand gloves, face shield, cap or umbrella, and dirty shoes. EVERYTHING!

So, what's in the menu line up? :) "Abangan": Salmon singing, tahong simmered with sili leaves,  beef kara-hare, banana con yelo, chicken balls and squid balls overload, sisig (pork maskara) and etc!

April 23, 2020: Day 39 - National government announced the extension of enhanced community quarantine in NCR and selected regions nationwide until 15 May 2020. Going to the grocery for the third time, people will cram in again at the grocery after this announcement. The last grocery we had was last Easter Sunday (12 April) to replenish the consumed items. This time, there were empty shelves of instant noodles , powdered juices, pineapple juice, and pancake mixes. I managed to get yakult lite just in time.

Also, surprisingly we received the offshore door-to-door cargo right on time. We were expecting a long delay of delivery. Manila port is doing their job efficiently despite the lockdown. Thank you frontliners!

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Commonwealth Avenue + MRT construction

April 25, 2020: Day 40 - You heard the line "be productive" even when you are in quarantine. Today is the weekend, the 40th day of ECQ. So what are your plans? "Sa sobrang productivity on mind, 'di mo na alam kung and uunahin."  My sample to do list for today, take note for TODAY! :)

"Work from home or paid article writing or or online courses or binge watching CLOY or finished our jigsaw puzzles (there are three boxes of 1000 pieces jigsaw to assemble), or continue with spring cleaning (not to mention the laundry?), what to cook/clean the area, or bathe the pets, or organise the collection of stamps/old coins, or organise file. (sigh) Quarantine was never easy, indeed.?"

April 28, 2020. Day 43 - Quarantine reveals human needs: drugstore, grocery, and flea market. Set aside leisure and shopping activities. We BUY only what’s essential.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Ever Gotesco Mall in Commonwealth Avenue

April 29, 2020. Day 44 - Flexing our DIY trolley using an old bike's balance wheel and hand-painted old sack bag. "Grabbing Food" is what everybody does now, from groceries to flea markets, this guy is your best bud.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
 DIY Grabbing Food

May 01, 2020. Day 46 - Today, business as usual for some restaurants in Calle Bistro. "Open na uli Starbucks and Tim Horton... na-excite ako para sa kanila... as if pwede... ang bilin sakin “do the grocery dude, the essentials” 不  Yet today is surprisingly not normal. Sobrang haba ng pila sa entrance going inside the mall... pila na sya sa grocery. Dahil ALAY ako.... taga-grocery.... no choice.... (and I need to settle my hosting bills and other errands to do) dati excited ako mag grocery kahit quarantine. But today is exceptionally not the case. Ang init, ang boring, tapos titingin ka inside tim horton and starbucks. Fudge! LOL. Today is Mayo Uno. Labor Day talaga! Parang skilled work ang pag grocery.... the battle is not yet over.... Next week uli! Ciao!"

At 11 AM, I went back to the main gate of the village, went under a thermal scanner - the security guard read "40°C, came from a brisk walk in extremely humid weather. Then he reads again, the same result. I got off shrugging, "na brief na naming sila about tanghali tapat effect." If not, they'll be super worried, imagine the security guards so concerned they'll report you to your barangay captain and the rest of the QC Response Team!" Dapat laging handa, mag-explain. :)

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Calle Bistro

May 02, 2020. Day 47 - #QuarantineFatigue: The toll of being quarantined is sinking in. New quarantine month, we're supposed to have another batch of new goals 不 (Nakaka stress na lumabas to do errands, kase pagbalik ng bahay sandamakmak ang disinfect/hugasan/lalabhan/paliliguan )

Seems like there's a stereotype when doing "productivity," since we're all working from home, we get to accomplish what's required to do according to our own phasing. Heck, beyond that the smart ones brag about certification and the likes. C'mon, not everyone lives in comfortable zones. Even when you have the freedom to do so, you cannot DO THEM ALL! First there's the unreliable internet or worst limited internet. What do I have in my to-do-list? There's a bugging list of webinars, as much as you wanted to get in. TIME is a matter of doing house efficiency versus personal productivity. Yeah, the pending online course from  Virtual School Webinar Series, SPARTA, design online course, Japanese language course, digital courses, loads of eBooks , etc. You get to think of so many article topics to write and mapped with your team how to strategize and come up with an idea for post Covid-19 engaging with the "new normal." So tell me, how do you do it YOUR Where are you?

Note: ECQ was extended until May 15, 2020.

May 03, 2020. Day 48 - Came up with the Post-ECQ "Things to do with the new normal"

Things to do with the new normal – Post ECQ
Guide to new normal

May 04, 2020. Day 49 #CoronaVirusFashionChallenge in reality is the OOTD when doing your scheduled errands. Choose your “uniform” like a dri-fit shirt, board shorts, cap (optional esp. if branded) those that are made of lightweight material (because the humid outside is outrageous!) and easy to wash. Choose a washable footwear, mine is a mountaineer sandals. In  the US, crocs are given free to frontliners. Anyway, for your face shield, I used extra stock eyeglass, once you get home, you’ll wash it again and again. Better have “pangharabas na gamit.” Disinfectant solutions can damage our valued stuff, so stick to “old clothes and things.” 
Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
The OOTD during grocery

Good job to our homeowners association for installing a PNB mobile ATM. This 1-day access booth is situated at the main gate of the village.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
PNB mobile ATM

May 05, 2020. Day 50 - A rundown of street photography along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City and its establishments.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
Commonwealth Avenue corner Don Antonio Avenue

As much as possible, we try to buy goods we need personally, since it's a walking distance from our village. In a way the money saved from the logistics (food delivery) can be bought with extra food. Food deliveries are convenient, but we doubt the food sanitation and safety of food handling. There was news coming out when delivery crews tend to disregard the surface where they held the goods. Then here comes the delivery,  you receive the items and fail to sanitise the packaging and place them at the top of your riding table. "Minsan, kung kayo mo naman, gawin mo na ng personal."

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
McDonald's in Commonwealth Avenue 
Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic
 Red Ribbon shop in Commonwealth Avenue

May 7, 2020. Day 52 - Have you received your Social Amelioration Program (SAP) payout? The Barangay Batasan Hills payout did test the patience of the constituents. Here in our community, the people on the scheduled list had to endure the 3PM heat index 49 degree Celsius. Imagine them lining up from 10AM and receiving the SAP at around 11PM. Some who are scheduled at 12noon were able to finish the lapse at 6PM.

May 11, 2020. Day 56 - My co-team and I were able to finish articles for the EchoManila sites covering the digitalization and social media marketing of MSMEs, in time for post ECQ and the new normal business concepts and strategy of small businesses.

The outcome of the pandemic, made small enterprises think which part of the business made them consider automating?

How can MSME’s transform traditional business operation with EchoManila

How Social Media Marketing help your business?
How can social media help you achieve your business goals?
Why small businesses are choosing EchoManila as their next e-Commerce solution?

How Social Media Marketing help your business?

Echomanila is a full-service e-commerce incubator which aims to help small businesses increase revenue with strong online presence and digital marketing.

Note: Metro Manila is now under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), season 4.

Merely waiting for the announcement of General Community Quarantine (GCQ) soon. How daily activities will juggle  with the new normal.

May 16, 2020. Day 61. With limited land space,  Our lime tree (mini) & green tea are growing fast. We've harvested a couple of lime fruits that we make into lime water.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic

May 20, 2020. Day 65. MECQ “new normal” for mall-goers. In 65 days of being in quarantine. THIS was the only (nearest) mall I’m allowed to visit. “BFF na kami!” #TeamKapitbahay 

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic

May 22, 2020. Day 67. For clean freaks! Para sa OC-ness natin! ’coz everyone is disinfecting like crazy, getting paranoid with the COVID-19 shenanigans. Found an alternative to Virkon-S (still out of stock), 1-gallon Virabac concentrate - neutral disinfectant cleaner from our community sellers. PHP550 for a gallon. 

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic

May 28, 2020. Day 75. With different mask parading online,  We had the worst and inhumane merch bought this quarantine!  Victimized by Lazada seller (from China) . Deceived by misleading aesthetics. Today, we got these pathetic son-of-a-gun (tho we knew something is off, seller’s product cancellation was disable) 

It says. 6-layered-composition, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-haze. And Truster Seller kuno pa sila. It nullifies the purpose of using THE MASK as a shield and protective measure (‘coz it’s made of foam), likewise dapat ‘magbasa’  nasaan ang hustisya? LOL

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic

May 27, 2020. Day 74. This is what the new normal looks like for those who are Work From Home (WFH). Zoomies for today! First zoom meeting this month.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic_01.jpg

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic_01.jpg
Thanks JPRX for my new hair (trim and color yan)! aka Bowies Salon

June 2, 2020. Day 79. We're back to work on a skeletal force on alternate schedules, now that the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) is up from June 1 to 15, 2020. Workers without vehicles are having a hard time getting a ride going to their respective workplace. Bikers in the main thoroughfares have seen a major increase, women in particular are also seen riding the bike with their working bags on. The only hindrance with biking per se  in Manila is that there are no safe bike lanes for everyone. The humidity brought by the weather adds a toll to every rider. Your look and scent from  excessive sweating and road pollution upon entering the workplace will bring further inconvenience, not to mention your dehydration. Good luck to our laborers and commuters.

June 5, 2020. Day 82. Finally found my happy mask!  Mask staples that define (our) Da The Normal. A snug fit, breathable mesh-type with cotton spandex, triple lining, provisions with filter pocket, and face mask ID. Pabili na kayo? :)
Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

June 06, 2020.  Day 83. Businesses under GCQ.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic_01.jpg

June 24, 2020. Day 100. Manila's  pathetic bike lane during rush hour (7:00 AM) along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. 
deiville quarantine diaries_02

July 18, 2020. Day 124. Going to work two days a week, this is how Tuesday and Wednesday rituals on Covid-19 days looks like.

deiville quarantine diaries

July 20, 2020. Day 126. Instagram has this "wearyourgoddamnmask campaign by an American photographer. 

(July 8) Adults waiting for the school bus (the office shuttle service). Our new normal.

deiville quarantine diaries_03

July 30, 2020. Some of the digital works and webinars attended for the last week of July.

(Centre image) Creative Entrepreneur (mindset) was discussed at the recent “Costing for the Animation Sector” facilitated by DTI last July 24, 2020. The webinar was under the deck of Ms. Marie Grace Dimaranan, school director and CEO of Top Peg Institute of Animation & Design.  

deiville quarantine diaries_05

August 1, 2020. Day 138. We are under GCQ, Work in progress: brackets and angle bars for our kid who will return to school under blended distance learning. Preparing the room as  a study nook, to make it somehow a conducive place for learners who are bound to do remote learning Mon-Fri for almost 7AM-3PM. There will be a bookcase, a spacious table for laptop and study materials with proper ventilation and lighting . These are all do-it-yourself (DIY), we bought materials for the woodwork, repainted the walls and organized the furniture.  Due date: before August 24 (wink!)

deiville quarantine diaries_04

August 4, 2020. Day 141. NCR, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal  areas are reverted to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) until August 18, 2020. Work arrangements at home are back in full blast, cancellation of public transportation, use of quarantine passes in these areas are being implemented.

After a year... Delta variant emerges

August 6, 2021. NCR is under ECQ again for two weeks from August 6-20, 2021. Workers are back to square one. We're into work-from-home (WFH) setting again. A new version of Home Quarantine Pass was issued per barangays. 

Btw, I was able to avail the vaccine provided by my employer. First dose was given June 19. Completely vaccinated by July 15, 2021 with Sputnik V (Gamaleya). 

August 21, 2021. With new cases 17,800 + , the IATF announced MECQ. An ECQ without the "ayuda"

Stay safe. Stay home.

Lockdown Diaries during CoViD-19 Pandemic is a collection of photos, life events and observations happened in Metro Manila.

UPDATE as of August 21, 2021

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Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online


Tips for would-be face mask wearers 

A list of recommended online shops in Manila that sells stylish face masks to wear for the new normal 

And the also the worst purchase so far.   

Given the prevalence of the new normal, face mask functionality is just as important item must haves as we go through global COVID-19 pandemic. As required by Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID), people should wear masks when going out in public places.

"The best face masks for civilians to wear are made of cloth. Leave the surgical masks and N95s for the healthcare professionals and essential workers. Besides, designers have been in the fabric-mask game for a long time." (Vogue)

Small businesses have stepped up by creating locally-made reusable and washable cloth face mask that serves its purpose,  in just about every style you can imagine. Designed with ear loops, adjustable strap, snug fit, and provisions for filter sheets. It looks like we’re going to be wearing cloth face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to find one that tune in with your lifestyle. For added protection, you can place a surgical mask inside your cloth mask.

We've rounded up some of Manila's local brand face masks, from two-toned, some neutrals, some pastels, summer look, abstract to floral prints and the aesthetic sense. Check out these online shops if you're looking for reusable face masks:

All products featured on DeiVille are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

DSP Manila
Instagram: @dspmanila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dspmanila/
For online orders: https://shopee.ph/dspmanila
face mask by DSP Manila

Instagram: @fabmanila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fabmanilashop/
Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

New Norm
"Washable facemask, designed to protect and to fit your style choices"
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewNormPH/
Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

Blackbird Printing
Instagram: @blackbird_printing

"Live the moment, occasion wear"
Instagram: @zoo_label

"Protection Essentials"
Instagram: @eika.ph

Masabel Iloco
"Washable, reversible, filtered and locally made
Instagram: @masabel.iloco

Style Ana
Instagram: @styleanaph

Marco Pilipino
Instagram: @marcopilipino

Maison Metisse
"Honest, ethical and handmade"
Instagram: @maison.metisse

"Designed for your journey"
Instagram: @wanderskye

Instagram: @marcereza.ph

Cassey Little Tots
"Cute and affordable face masks"
Instagram: @casseylittletots

La Mama Manila
Instagram: @lamamamanila

Motifs and Memories
Instagram: @motifsandmemories

Face Mask Manila
"Siliconewith replaceable filters
Instagram: @facemaskmnl

Tips for would-be face mask wearers

  • Mask protection efficiency. KN95, surgical mask, and FFP1 masks are the ones that gives the strongest protection. When going to crowded environment make sure to wear one of these instead of the plain cloth mask. Cloth mask served its purpose if accompanied with filters and the raw material used. Cloth mask is safe to wear in occasions with less contact with people.
  • Right FIT. Fit measurement is not readily available when purchasing face mask. Some mask makers create a model with strap/loop adjustments. Some sellers include fit measurement information on product description. Pay close attention if the mask is not sealed or set properly onto your face, chances are, loose mask will not protect against fine particles and is less comfortable.
  • Wear it tight. Face mask should not be touched by bare hands when you are already outside, otherwise it's prone to contamination. Under any circumstances, do not allow your face mask to continually fall below the nose area or stays around the chin. Wear your face mask with comfort and strap it really tight.
  • Avoid lipstick. Cheap lip colors have high chemical concentrate (same goes with the luxe brands) and could pose danger to your. Choose lipstick that are safe for everyday use. “Trapped heat, humidity from mouth breathing and friction from the mask can irritate delicate lips. It’s also very difficult to reapply lip balm frequently under a mask and you may also be less inclined to keep up drinking fluids. This can all add up to exceptionally dry, cracked lips. It’s vital to find a long-lasting lip product that stays put and performs barrier repair.” (Dr. Sam Bunting). Ideally, use a stick or wand formula rather than a pot so you don't need to put your finger in and increase the risk of germ spreading. "Whether you choose a disposable paper mask or a washable mask or a fancy cloth scarf mask to cover your face from nose down, the messy result is the same: smears on the mask, smears all around the mouth and face." (Puente, M. 2020) This pandemic, lipsticks took a deep plunge. Practicality-wise, consumers dive into products that contain less inconvenience to deal with. Rather than lipstick, some chose smudge-proof lipsticks, lip balms, lip pencils, lip tint hydrating balm, or tinted balm. Some focus on applying eye-shadows and tints to highlight the upper section of the face while wearing the face mask on. 
  • Do not buy from scalpers. Online sellers are rampant and offer unrealistic jack up price. If you spot face mask sellers with higher suggested retail price, widened your options and look for the best price that suits your budget.
  • Keep it clean. When going outside, our personal habit is to bring extra face mask sealed in  a clean zip lock, carry pouches, or small drawstring bag. Do not keep your face mask JUST inside the bag. The bottom part of the handbag is usually the dirtiest.
  • Pair with small-framed sunglasses/eyeglasses. The purpose of wearing eye protection glass/goggles/face shield is to avoid scratching your eye/face. Specifically to keep away from air borne virus and droplets. Make sure your face mask is sit high and sealed around the bridge of your nose and fit tight so that the moist won't get through the eyeglass.
  • Communicate with your eyes. Practice to convey your message through your eyes. A glow in your eyes will show your smile and responses.  There's an age-old saying the “eyes are the window to the soul” and in many ways it holds true. There are other ways to show respect, but our eyes reflect our sincerity, warmth, and honesty. "Eye contact is a type of body language that is extremely important during communication and conversation. Sometimes, our eyes and body language speak even more than words. Keeping eye contact with the person you are talking to shows that you are actively listening and paying attention." (Liam. 2019)
Worst purchase so far. We have our ups and downs when ordering face masks online. What face mask not to order online? Beware of Lazada sellers based in China, they create different accounts, once the negative reviews came in from their customers. The problem with this kind of sellers are: deceitful branding. They used aesthetic images with false product description. As far as Lazada is concern, we don't know why they allow such sellers well in fact they follow strict procedures to validate and approved their merchants.

face mask made in China wi no protection
Mask parade #MaskCheck #SpotFake: The worst and inhumane merch I bought this quarantine! 不 Victimized by #Lazada seller (from China) 不 Deceived by misleading aesthetics (swipe image 6 to 10). Today, we got these pathetic son-of-a-gun (tho we knew something is off, seller’s product cancellation was disable) It says. 6-layered-composition, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-haze. And Truster Seller kuno pa sila. 不 It nullifies the purpose of using THE MASK as a shield and protective measure (‘coz it’s made of foam), likewise dapat ‘magbasa’ #ChargeToExperience, nasaan and hustisya? Day 75 28MAY2020.

Tips for would-be face mask wearers
After a week. We've found another face mask, purchase from Lazada (from China shipment), the set cost around less P400 including the shipping fee. Ordering from Lazada is like a trial and error, love-hate relationship. (*wink) Keep it at bare minimum.

Where to buy stylish face masks in Manila via online

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Updated as of July 24, 2020

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    Disclosure: DeiVille receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain web links in exchange for payment. In the event of a giveaway, the sponsor is responsible for delivery of the prize, unless otherwise noted in the posting. I only recommend, discuss, or introduce products/services/businesses I personally use and believe will be a good fit for my readers.